More and more retailers have no successor; they rent their buildings to vertical chains like Zara or H&M, or close their doors forever. The consequences are catastrophic for many vendors who have not established their own trading strategy. Selling points are increasingly being replaced by “white spots”. Export remains a back door for many industrial firms, but in the long run, only those companies that can manage their own areas will survive. An individual trading strategy with retail stores and franchise stores will become a matter of survival.The making of a brand will take place at the point of sale.

Stand-alone Store:

A Stand-alone Store is an owner-operated shop of the industry.


A Flagship-Store is different from a Stand-alone Store by presenting the whole assortment of a brand.


The concept of a franchise is that the franchise-taker adopts a complete business idea from the provider, including the shop fitting and marketing concept against payment of a monstly-sales-dependent franchise fee.


Sale of seasonal left overs, sample collections and goods with flaws in widespread areas below the normal price level.