Modular Structure:

Our partnership covers modules which engage in terms of time and content, ranging from a promotion measure through to implementation.

Process Flow:

We recommend in the first step the process optimization of the organisation and coordination at the sales, product design, logistics, controlling, EDI and communication interfaces. On these grounds we provide vertical marketing via our services concept.

Transfer of Know-how:

Every module contains a precision process flow which we discuss and implement jointly with you.The transfer of our know-how is structured as such that your company can continue independently as of a specific moment into a new world of experience.

Your Advantages:

Marketing through one single package, cost and synergy effects:

  • Market analysis, process optimization and conception
  • Marketing of goods pictures, Shop-in-Stores and stores
  • Logistics, EDI, Shop-in-Store management and design
  • POS communication, PR, training seminars and merchandising
  • Location, product range, price and umbrella brand strategies